art should be open source.

i've been in the NFT space for a little over a year now and since then i've seen the space grow at warp speed. over that year i've dabbled in creating 1/1 art pieces and also jumped into the world of 10k collection. at the end of the day i'm an artist and have a huge passion for creating. but what i learned that with every 10k collection comes a need.

- a need for a roadmap
- a need for utility
- a need for a dao
- a need for merch
- a need for discord
- a need for creator to be answerable every second of the day

this need takes the fun out of creation, it makes artists tense up. it ruins the experience.

then i found nouns.

nouns were CC0 (public domain). what the hell is CC0 dude?

good questions ser.

CC0 means getting rid of all copyright and similar rights that you hold in a work.

the beauty behind this is anyone can use it for whatever they want.

nouns, cryptoadz, mfers have embraced the CC0. as a result these projects have gained tons more exposure. in my eyes derivatives don't dilute a collection, if anything they add more value.

to me CC0 is the definition of web3. art should be open source. it should be available for anyone to take and build on top of.

my thinking is cc0 projects will win long term. why? because they are designed to be open and collaborative, not siloed and closed. they are designed to attract the builders which will only add continued value. the owners of fruglys as a result will only grow in value from the adjacent projects.

i encourage anyone to right-click save a frugly.

nouns have proven the success of cc0. no matter what noun derivative you bought you feel part of the noun community. each noun derivative is connected together. they champion each other. if this isn't what web3 & nfts are then i don't know what is.

every frugly derivative increases attention and mindshare of the original. Over time, fruglys has the capability to become a platform and ecosystem in and of itself. creators can make self-sustainable frugly derivatives. they are incentivized to create more (and hopefully, higher quality) derivatives.

why fruglys?

first off what is a frugly?

fruglys spend their days vibin, leapin & trippin.

my goal with fruglys was to make sure that the artwork would grab ppls attention. so i made sure the artwork for fruglys was vibrant and eye-catching. hand drawn by myself in adobe illustrator over the last 3 months, it has been a labor of love. more importantly, fruglys have so much potential. as a cc0 project means countless projects can spawn off the back of fruglys. creators can build countless derivatives, build games, build fruglys merchandise. fruglys are simply the foundation, think of them as the building blocks.

most projects over promise and under deliver, fruglys is the opposite.

so to clarify you are free to use the original fruglys collection for any reason and without restriction, personally or commercially. This includes any selection of pieces, components, or characters within it, or the collection as a whole.

i can't wait to see what you build/create.

thanks for reading.

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